Saturday, October 8, 2011

Live From the Pumpkin Patch at Roloff Farms

There has been many many requests to have a live video stream at the Farm during Pumpkin Season, well here ya go...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Evening Magazine Interviews Matt Roloff, One of their 25 Most Memorable People

Five years before Little People Big World became a fan favorite every Monday night, Evening Magazine, from NBC affiliate King 5 in Seattle, did a story on Matt Roloff when he was promoting his book "Against Tall Odds" Matt credits that interview as one of the catalysts that led his family to TLC and reality television stardom.

Saint Bryan, an award winning reporter at Evening Magazine visited Matt and Amy at the farm recently as part of EM's 25th anniversary on the air and the story about the 25 most memorable people they have featured on their show.

See below for the interview and wonderful walk down memory lane...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Roloff Culture 'POP'

Matt Roloff standing in Roloff Farms' "Western Town"
When Duffmano from Culture Brats interviewed Matt Roloff it was clear that he’d watched more that a few episodes of Little People Big World. Culture Brats is a witty, edgy and fun blog about pop culture and I love pop culture and have been a fan of their blog for a while. I was surprised when Matt told me about the interview. His PR people process so many requests from bloggers and other online media sources to do interviews, but its just weird when it is a blog I’ve read often. Matt and Amy are open to talk to anyone as long as they can carve it out of their schedule. It’s nice to see them embrace online media. Anyway, click the link to enjoy the article. I did

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Matt Roloff Takes Time to Chat

Matt has recently done a handful of interviews for various blogs and online news websites talking about the Roloff’s return to television. Marijo Tinlin, the editor of reached out to Matt for a quick chat about “The Reality of Reality TV” She starts her article talking about the tragic suicide of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” husband Russell Armstrong. I am a big fan of the Real Housewives franchise and was saddened when I heard about what happened. I watched every episode last season and could see there was stress going on, but I also know that what you see in an hour episode of reality television is such a tiny look into those peoples lives as a whole, that speculation is very often way off base.

Marijo goes on to say that life under the reality show microscope can take a huge toll on a family. I agree whole heartedly. Celebrity in any form or at any level can be pricey. It is great to have people rooting for you and wanting you to succeed, who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of support? But the flip side of the coin that’s hard for reasonable people to wrap their brains around are people who perversely seek and take great pleasure in the prospect of your failure. I personally do not subscribe to that way of being in the world and don’t have respect to those people who do.

Matt talks about how he and Amy recognized the strain on their family and their marriage and the decision to step back and restructure the LPBW commitment so the family could regroup. He expresses how grateful the family is for all of the rewards that the show and their fans have given them. And enlightened us a little on the aspects of television production that people may not think of, like the legal and logistic necessaries of production that affected normal activities the family once took for granted and how sometimes they lost the day to day, face to face communication between one other. I would imagine that finding their new direction after so many years of nearly year round filming is still an ongoing journey. One that we’re certain to get a glimpse of in the new specials this Fall.

To read the complete article at go to:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Matt Roloff Gets a Little Extreme!

Many of you already know that Matt is on another trip this week and I don't want to spill too many beans, but thought I would pass on a morsel of information. Matt had an incredible day working with Ty Pennington and the EMHE design team. When he gets back he'll share some photos and behind the scenes stories!

Check out the link: 

Friday, July 22, 2011

TMZ catches up with Matt Roloff in LA

Is Matt involved in a cover up? Is he a member of a secret society of Little People? Those are a couple of the questions asked of him by TMZ during his recent trip down to LA earlier this week. Matt was between meetings when the roaming pack of paparazzi approached him.

click here to see the video clip:

No worries, Matt is wise to the TMZ game and was not about to give up any secrets!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Cat is 'Officially' Out of the Bag with TLC's Announcement

"The network has ordered the Roloffs back to TV"
declares the Hollywood Reporter.

They go on to say: "If after last year’s Little People, Big World series finale, you were concerned about the state of Matt and Amy Roloff’s marriage, or if they decided to sell the farm, and how the older boys, Jeremy and Zach Roloff, are doing as adults, TLC has a solution for your curiosity.

TLC has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that it has ordered four new specials with the Roloffs. Production has already begun with the first one currently scheduled to air in early October. The first special will address some of the cliffhangers in the series finale"

Whew, now that the announcement has officially been made I can talk a little bit about it. Matt ,Amy and the family are very excited about the specials. If you have read my other posts about this you will know that TLC and the Roloff’s have been in discussions since before they ended the series last year. Their return to LPBW was always in the plans, it was just how they would return that needed some working out. Matt and Amy are very appreciative of TLC’s generosity in helping them maintain some space that strikes a perfect balance with the family and the limited number of planned updates. Because of the non-disclosure there will be things that I’m just not able to speak about, but my plan is to keep some goodies and tid bits away ‘in the vault’ and publish them when appropriate.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Matt Called...

I talked to Matt earlier today. Like many of you, I have been keeping up with what he and his family are up to on their vacation through his RealMattRoloff fanpage and he hadn’t posted in a while, so what’s up with that Matt Roloff? Answer: Busy, very very busy.

There isn’t one minute of the day when nothing is happening. Most of the activities are centered around family and sports. Zach has been going from one competition to another and doing phenomenal. He won several gold metals in soccer, volleyball and football. Tomorrow he will be competing in basketball. Matt said he fb too soon about the basketball and got his date wrong so he will keep us posted on the outcome when he knows it. Good luck Zach!

Matt told me that going to the LPA conference feels like going to a big family reunion. Some of the people he has known for over 40 years. It’s the same for the kids. Who wouldn’t have a blast hanging out, connecting with old friends and making new ones? Matt said this trip has been especially fun so far. Not that he was complaining before, but so many of the past conferences were entangled with production and filming commitments for episodes of Little People Big World. Matt said it was nice that he, Amy and the kids had this conference just to themselves, but...

Thursday they will hop back into the RV and will say goodbye until next year. Because they are off to other adventures. Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

On The Road Again...

The Roloff clan have climbed back into an RV and are heading out. One of their destinations is the Little People of America National Convention. This year the convention is in California which is a very convenient location and the timing for the family couldn’t have been better. As I said in my last post, it has been in the works for many many months to get the Roloff’s back on television. The fans have been asking for it and what better place for them to be but California. Not sure how things will be packaged up for the return, but I will take my Roloff’s how ever they want to divvy them up. I am hoping for a bowl of popcorn and a straight fresh new 4 hour marathon run, but that probably won’t happen. I think many will agree that it is a great time to check in and see what the Roloff’s have been up to and where they are headed. I know it can be a bit of an ordeal for Matt & Amy with having to temporarily sideline some of their current projects, but the fans need their Roloff fix so they’ll just have to deal. (Excuse the attitude)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Roloff Adventures

A friend shared a quote on Facebook with me from Helen Keller who said “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit”. I thought, wow, the timing on that quote was incredible. I also thought that I would add “No big adventure should ever be embarked upon without a little bit of regard”.

I was thinking this because of a conversation I had with Matt yesterday afternoon. We were talking about his family’s likely return to filming “Little People Big World” and what that would mean to their lives. Returning was a big decision that has been in discussions really since before the final episode aired last December. At that time the family was somewhat spent and really couldn’t see a return happening for a very long time. They had given a huge part of their lives to the show and they really needed a breather. Sometimes you have to back away from something to get a better view of it and LPBW is no exception. With the distant perspective, it becomes clearer how valuable all of the little nook and crannies are that were overlooked at the time and how the insights and knowledge gained become even more enlightening. You also get a better road map to navigate your future adventures.

Matt mentioned a conversation he had with Molly. It was a simple conversation, just an everyday kind of chat. He was driving down his driveway heading home and Molly was on her way out of the farm to a friend’s birthday and they stopped window to window to catch up. They talked about where she was going and he told her how pretty she looked. He remarked that she was now officially a “Senior in High School” and how proud he was of her. They talked about what her final calculus grade was (A) and how she was hoping for an A+, Matt glowed at her accomplishment, and before she drove off, she said “I love you daddy”. Matt told me that he was thinking at the time that the ‘process of filming’ would sometimes get in the way of the naturalness of their conversations and that was one of the things they were considering when the family discussed the idea to move forward with doing more episodes.

This next go around has a different set of eyes and understanding on it. It took many months of negotiations to lock down the parameters to go forward and a top of the list item was a less time demanding, intrusive or constrictive agreement. That was paramount to the decision being made. Never the less, the family knows that no amount of talking, thinking or planning will totally eliminate the unknowns and that is what makes it an adventure.

To be a Reality TV personality, you have to have a very thick skin, much thicker than I have I must say. So as a friend and a person, I am in awe of each and every one of the Roloffs’. And as a fan, I am truly excited for the possibility of new shows and I’m grateful to the Roloff family if they make the decision to continue to share a little more of their lives with us. On the eve of their new adventure, I wish them all the best.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I told you so Matt Roloff!

Last year when I suggested to Matt that he needed to jump onto facebook and we should create him a fan page, he grumbled at the idea. He said that he didn’t want to start something that he wasn’t sure he could devote the necessary time to and he wasn’t sure if the fans would even be interested since the show was ending. I disagreed. He likes talking about what he is up to and chatting it up with his fans so I never thought he would run out of topics or enthusiasm. And from the activity on the LPBW fan page, it was clear that the interest on the fan side wasn’t waining. Now a year later I am so glad I was right. Yesterday I took a screen shot of his fan page’s activity over the last 13 months and shared it with him. I gotta say, I did enjoy rubbing it in his face a bit and saying I told you so. He has fantastic fans who continue to want to know what is going on with him and his family. They checked out his posts over 38 million times and commented almost a quarter of a million times. I think that is pretty good news that should be celebrated and shared.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Matt's fans have something to say

On May 12th Matt asked his Facebook friends on his RealMattRoloff fan page to suggest a new favorite quote to him. He received over 600 responses and has been sifting through them picking out some of his favorites. He asked me to post them here so below is the list including the person’s name who posted it.

1. Jason Blackwood: “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” ~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

2. Theresa Bolyard Newton Goodrich: “If common sense were more common, everyone would have it”

3. Whitney Lynne Watson: “Great minds have purpose others have wishes”

4. Suzanne Lonsdale Veter: “I'm still learning” ~ Michelangelo

5. Lori Hoyle Diaz: “Sometimes you’re the windshield. Sometimes you’re the bug”

6. Jim Balister: “Little minds talk about other people, bigger minds talk about events. But great minds talk about ideas”

7. Bonnie Jones: “It doesn't cost anything to be nice”

8. Sarah Bennett: “Fear not for I am with you says the Lord”

9. Amber Dawn Haag: “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they're open”

10. Sarah Bennett: “Our lives are a puzzle and we are just a small piece. But God already knows the whole picture”

11. Pamela Bendall Rouleau: “A positive thinker sees the invisible...feels the intangible ...and achieves the impossible”

12. Joann Keller Murray: “The view is always better from the high road”

13. Stephanie Moreau: ‎"The road to success is ALWAYS under construction"

14. Corrina Warner Kubas: “Even if you're on the right track you can still get run over if you just sit there!”

15.Mary Ann Liotta: ‎"Imagination is more important than knowledge !" ~ Albert Einstein

16. Donald Bledsoe: "Expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected”

17. Kayla Megan Bagley and Danette A Shoop: “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”

18. ‎Victoria J Aplin: "Those who mind don't matter - those who matter don't mind"

19. Melissa Hellstrom Driscoll: ”Never criticize someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. That way you are a mile away from them when you say it and you have their shoes”

20. Joe Roberts: ‎"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." ~ Mark Twain

21.Melissa Craig Derrick: ‎"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." ~ Scott Hamilton

22. Shirley Sword: "Life is a work of art, designed by the one who lives it."

23. Gordon Skead: “The quickest way to become an old dog is not to learn any new tricks”

24. Corinne Root- Laurence: “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” ~ Herm Albright

25. Betty Veno Bennette: ‎"Yesterday I stood on the edge of the abyss... Today, I am one step further." ~ Annonymous

26. Charlene J. Rush: “Live the kind of life that lets you sell your parrot to the town gossip without any worries!

27. Tom Summerville: “I've done so much with so little, for so long, that now I can do almost anything, with almost nothing”

28. Denise Pearson: “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway” ~ John Wayne

29. Angela Byrd: ‎"A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what they are built for” ~ William Shedd

30. Janice Crawford: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

Matt Thanks all the people who posted a quote, he enjoyed reading them all. He wishes he could've included everyone in this list, but if you want to read all the great quotes go to Matt’s facebook post dated May 12 at 9:18pm.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Montana Loves Matt Roloff!

NBC Montana News Story: "TV Celebrity To Help Kick Off Special Olympics Montana"

Matt was greeted with an enthusiastic welcome when he flew into Montana for the opening ceremonies of the Montana Special Olympic Games.

When talking to the reporter about speaking at the ceremony Matt said, "I always hope to inspire people. To cheer them on and, inevitably, it ends up inspiring me. To see athletes like this do so well and to be so proud of what they're accomplishing and to be loud and proud and out there doing things with their life,"

Click link below to read more from NBC Montana:

Story from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

"Special Olympics teaches respect, resilience"

Matt spoke to thousands of Special Olympic athletes, coaches, parents and supporters at the opening ceremony kicking off the 3 day sports event. "People sometimes feel sorry for us - me because I'm short. I don't walk the same; maybe we don't talk the same, but we are the same," he said to a roar of approval from the crowd. "We're loud and we're proud."

To Read the rest of the Bozeman Chronicle story click link:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Matt Roloff is headed to Big Sky Country

Matt Roloff is honored to be a part of the opening ceremonies to kick off the state of Montana’s Special Olympics Summer games 2011. Their theme this year of “Living A Little Louder” is tailor made for Matt. He will be speaking to a crowd of over 9000, including 1000 competing athletes, so being a little loud will no doubt come in handy. If you are in the area, Matt encourages you to come out and support the games.

May 11-13
Montana Special Olympics Summer Games
Montana State University Campus and beyond

“Centered at the MSU sports facilities and branching out to local bowling, aquatics, kayak, cycling and golf locations, the competition unfolds in a swell of intensity and joy. Athletes work hard to get to the Games. Following eight weeks of rigorous training, they are ready to show their talent and earn their medals. They will not disappoint.”

About Special Olympics:
Special Olympics is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics provides year-round sports training and competition to 2.5 million adults and children with intellectual disabilities across 165 countries. The Special Olympics movement offers one of the world’s greatest platforms for acceptance and inclusion for all people–regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or cultural differences. Find out how you can become involved at or for Montana Special Olympics:

“There’s One Team.  We’re All On It.”


 For more information on Matt's speaking go to

Monday, April 25, 2011

You're Invited to Matt’s Big Birthday Pumpkin Bash this October 8th

In honor of Matt Roloff’s 50th Birthday,
Roloff Farms is having a one day celebration on
Saturday October 8th.
Everyone is invited to come to the Pumpkin Patch and help him mark this big milestone.

We’re calling it
“Matt’s Big Birthday Pumpkin Bash”.

In addition to all the on-going 2011 Pumpkin Season Festivities... Oct 8th 2011… will offer
Free parking, Yummy cake, and Cool Prizes given away throughout the day.
Matt will be out and about to catch up with as many of you as possible.
Watch for updates on what's happening because Matt’s Team keeps thinking up new things to do to make it his best birthday ever.

Check in here, or go to

Mark Your Calendars
October 8, 2011 --- 10am - Dusk
See You There!

We are planning a live video stream too for those who
are not able to make it to the farm.
Stay tuned to learn the details!
Don’t Miss the Fun!

The Official 2011 Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season is Open
every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Starting Saturday October 1st - Sunday Oct 30th

Friday, April 22, 2011

Matt Answered Some Questions

Before Facebook or the Roloff World Blog, Matt created a forum on his website to provide a place where fans of Little People Big World could gather and where he could have a conduit to talk and interact with them. He remains loyal to his forum and to the equally loyal fans there. They compiled some interesting questions for him and the moderator called him up to get some answers. Below is the transcription of the interview he did with her. Subscribe to RoloffWorld or at least be sure to keep your eyes peeled because in upcoming posts we are going to dig in deeper on a few of his answers.

1. I was wondering about your latest dirt project, filling in an 80 acre swampland near the farm to create a pumpkin is it that the DEQ allowed the filling in of a wetland? Did you have to jump through any hoops to be able to do that? Or are the laws less strict in Oregon concerning wetlands?

Matt's Answer:

Well first off, our project is not a ‘wetland’. It's just a very soggy flat field. There is a huge difference. A wetland has a very, very specific protected status. What we're working on is simply a very flat farm field. Which means it doesn't drain well. You can only farm it about two months out of the year because it absorbs so much water from the rain and the neighboring properties and all the water just kind of sits there. So by putting in a "belly" you raise the ground up about 4-6 feet in the middle and then you taper it off on the sides and create ditches so that you basically can extend your farming season from maybe 2 months to maybe 5 months out of the year. This also allows you to grow additional variety of crops. So you're actually improving this farm field.

As for jumping through hoops, there were about 8 or 9 agencies involved and every one of them had to approve our project. It was what we call a type II permit application. Agencies such as the county, ODOT, clean water service, conservation, DEQ, Sewer line , Gas line etc etc. They All had to give us their blessing.


2. How are you enjoying your time away from cameras? Do you think the family will ever be interested in doing another series similar to LPBW?

Matt's Answer:

We are enjoying it immensely. However, it's never a black and white thing. People think you either love the cameras around or you hate them. But the truth is, it's very much a love hate relationship. It’s sometimes very gray. We have good days and bad days like any job, sometimes you like going to work some days you don’t.

Even though we've done a few projects with cameras, such as the little documentary about the dirt project, they've been around on a limited basis which is very different than having them there almost 24/7 for such a long period of time like we have in the past.

The types of projects we’re exploring now will have a much different “invasive” factor if we proceed. Even the LPBW proposals that we’re currently evaluating are being structured in a much different way, more like an 8-5 type of responsibility.


3. We know you are still finishing up the final editing for the pumpkin movie. When will you release it for public viewing? How do you plan to release it? Youtube? iTunes?

Matt's Answer:

I'm very pleased to announce that the pumpkin movie is officially finished as of about a week ago. The movie score, credits corrections, etc. have all been added and everything is now complete. I'm not overly proud of the movie. It was my first attempt and there's a million things I would do differently. In fact I am already working on other projects and hope to take my experiences and greatly improve the final results, I am a very quick learner.

I will be trying to enter the Pumpkin movie into some film festivals. However, with film festivals they usually like to be the first to show it before you play it to a broad audience so I need to go through that process for the next 6 months to a year and then I will release it probably on like iTunes or maybe Youtube. When this happens we will definitely let our fans know. I’m excited to show you all and I think you’re all going to like it.


4. Is there anything we don't know about you that you think most people would find surprising or out of character?

Matt's Answer:

Hmmm, I don't know if I've covered this before but I don't like mushrooms and onions. When I was young and in the hospital they used to shove mushrooms down my throat and force me to eat them. So ever since then I've just had a real distaste for them. Mushrooms are offensive to me. I don't even want them in the same room. Of course Amy loves them and loves to cook with them.

Other than that, I think people for the most part have a good sense of me. But there are people who are surprised to know how much experience I have in the software field and how successful I was in software because that wasn't ever really covered on the show. So that's one thing people (who only know us from TV) may be surprised about with me.


5. Matt do you have any lost episodes hiding anywhere? We'd loved to see them.

Matt's Answer:

Yes, I'm sure that there are. But I don't know whether the timing will work out to show them or if the content is too old now to be good. Last season there was quite a bit of content that was picked over and never used but, there's always a ton of other stuff that doesn't air or doesn't fit in to the storyline and therefor gets cut.


6. Can you tell us a little about the author of Why did you agree to let her write it when you could have easily just promoted this forum more?

Matt's Answer:

Dallah is a friend (never been employed by us), who works in Hillsboro who has been encouraging me for several years to try and do a blog. She helped me get up and going with my Facebook and her company works with us on our t-shirt and stuff. She convinced me that there is a difference between what she does on the blog, what you do on the forum and what I do with my facebook. Her blog is more for story telling and the forum is more for this type of conversation. So we’re giving it a whirl.


7. Matt your favorite poster (Cute) is asking "When" or "IF" your family are ever going to be able to post on your board freely? That includes Sven, woohoo hey Sven. As well as Pop and Honey.

Matt's Answer:

Well technically we were free for about 6 weeks, based on our contractual obligations. But now, maybe not so much. However as social networking has taken hold. TLC has gotten a lot better over the years with allowing us to speak more freely to and with our fans. Mostly everyone in the family pretty much leaves it up to me to keep our fans informed of what's going on with the family because I have the facebook, the forum and whatnot. Amy keeps her facebook updated as well.

What people don't realize is, it's can be a very slippery slope when we get involved so personally and directly like we do. Someone may ask a question and we answer it. But then someone else asks another, but we miss it for whatever reason, and don't answer it. Then that person may get angry or feel slighted and get their feeling hurt. Or people may interpret your words differently than you intended. Try as we might, we just can't answer everyone's question and what we say is not going to please everyone. But we do appreciate our fans and wish we had more time to devote to everyone.


8. Have you ever really given us your honest opinion of what you think of those "silly bloggers"? Let's not pull any punches either. Also, have you ever been contacted by or have you tried to contact that blog writer who seems to be so critical of your family?

Matt's Answer:

It seems that most of the blogs or blogging about the show has faded away. As far as the “Silly” bloggers used to go, I only referred to them as that because often anonymous people would conjure up the silliest (stupidest) stuff and they would write it like it was true. Some people make assumptions and then would write about it so much that they start to actually believe it themselves. We learned to laugh at it when it was brought to our attention and take it in stride, but mostly we learned to ignore it. Worrying about what a few people say is far too time consuming.

It takes all kinds to make the world go-around and we tried to appreciate everybody's opinion. TLC certainly told us many times that the “crazier the chatter” the more interesting we are for filming.

I think that Amy and I have always been up to an interview with any news source on the internet or not, we done hundreds of interviews. The only requirement that (and this was recommended by TLC since day 1) we don’t conduct interviews with anonymous sources. The reason for that should go without saying, it’s just common sense.


9. Do you think that WE are a bunch of whack jobs?! (Thanks to Northern Neighbour for the suggestion.) Seriously though, do we scare you?

Matt's Answer:

No! I don't think that at all. I wish I could get on there more. The few times I did go on I was a little confused as to where I should jump in because there didn't seem to be any one topic people were talking about.

I'm not so much of a chit chatter. I more or less like to contribute to certain subjects. So, if there is ever a subject matter you guys are discussing and you'd like my input, definitely let me know and I will see what I can do about weighing in on it.


10. If you were a tree, what kind would you be? And why?

Matt's Answer:

An Oak tree because there's so much you can do with it. You can build a tree house. You can build a swing. You can climb them. They can stand alone or in groups. They're very versatile. They've got great wood.


11. Would you be able to share any details about your stalker issues?

Matt's Answer:

I'll give a little bit of detail, but it will be covered soon in greater detail over at We have multiple stalkers and we take them all extremely serious. The FBI is involved and multiple agencies. Don't get me wrong, we don't call the police for every little thing we get, but there are just some things that go beyond the norm and need to be taken seriously and addressed. But we do have about 5 open cases right now.


12. Since some of us don't stalk, I mean, keep up with you and the family on facebook (lol), can you tell us a little about what Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Amy have been up to lately?

Matt's Answer:

Amy has been working her charity very hard and continues to work on that. She's also been busy with her speaking engagements.

Jeremy is preparing to likely transfer to Brookes in the fall. I don't know if it's 100% yet because he still has to work out his living arrangements but it looks promising. Honestly it won’t be easy having him move so far away, he’s a big part of the farm and the work that goes on here. I’m trying not to be selfish, but it is hard.

Zach is still going very strong at the indoor soccer club where he works. He also carries a full load, like Jeremy, at the local community college. He's so involved with his work that he has yet to talk about transferring over to a 4 year college. He just may stay at the community college an additional year before he makes a decision about where he wants to go. He would, however, eventually like to go to a campus that has a girl's soccer team where he could take some sports management courses and possibly coach a women's soccer team.

Molly continues to get straight A's and is looking at various colleges. Everything from local stuff to Stanford to Pepperdine. She's definitely on the fast track to college and will most likely spend a lot of time touring some campuses this coming summer.

Jacob has struggled this last year. He's a very, very smart guy, and always had good grades, but this past year he seems to have lost interest in school. His grades are to the point to where he will very likely not continue in private school. The school has a very strict grade point average standard that has to be met consistently, and if you don't make that average, you no longer qualify to be enrolled. Amy and I are frustrated with the schools lack of flexibility or concern and encouragement for Jacob so close to his eighth grade graduation. It would be very disappointing if Jacob could not continue, but it actually may wind up being for the best. It may be exactly what he needs, AND what we need to yank him out of his rut so he can move on and thrive. We are pleased that as of today his grades are on the rise.


13. Do auto airbags pose a big safety issue to little people? If so, what can be done to minimize the problem. Can you have the airbags disabled? I thought of this when I saw the episode where the twins rented a car to tour around Germany. You probably can't get around the airbag issue with a rental car can you?

Matt's Answer:

Little people do have a right to turn airbags off. But it's more about the type of Little Person you are. For instance, some are more frail and an airbag could pose a problem. But for someone like Amy, myself or Zach, we could withstand an airbag deploying.

Lot's of Little People have been in auto accidents with airbags and have been ok. It's more about sitting the proper distance away from the airbags and having your peddles professionally installed. You don't want to be sitting right up on the airbags/steering wheel. This is why it's important to have your peddles installed professionally. If they are too short then you tend to sit closer to the steering wheel and that's not good.

But in the end there is a right to disconnect them. I personally don't recommend that but everyone has to make that choice for themselves.


14. You mentioned possibly buying a train for the farm's pumpkin season. Are there any other projects or new attractions planned for this next season? As any progress been made on the Ark? Will people be able to tour through it in the future?

Matt's Answer:

You won't be able to walk through the Ark because it's just not big enough. It's just there as something to look at. We also have a few other projects that we're looking at doing such as a haunted hayride/house type thing. But we're not sure yet if we're going to do it. We have a few other things in mind but we'll just have to wait and see which ones make sense when we discuss and plan things over the summer. Which is usually the time when we work on projects for the Fall.


15. Still 2 more years until he's 16 but do you and Jacob have any thoughts yet about a car for him? I thought he'd get the Camaro, but you recently said it was sold. Any plans on restoring an older car like you did for Molly?

Matt's Answer:

Well, right now Jacob needs to get his grades up first and foremost. So there are no discussions about cars right now. But at some point we'll get him a car that's appropriate for him. He talks about maybe wanting and old Volkswagen Rabbit or something. But right now we are shifting his attention away from any notion of getting a car and on to how he needs to get his grades back up to where they were a year ago.


16. You have inspired so many people with your story, who has inspired you? Do you have any notable heroes or mentors in your life?

Matt's Answer:

Years ago I read a book about a private detective names JJ Arms who had no hands, and that was very inspiring to me. Tom Sawyer was also inspiring. And my father too. He was hard working and has great integrity. That's always been very inspiring to me.


17. What is your favorite Jelly Belly© jelly bean flavor?

Matt's Answer:

The red. Or the black.


18. Matt what has Sven been up to lately and when was the last time you guys hung out?

Matt's Answer:

I actually talked to Sven about two days ago. It was a brief thing. But he and I have been working together on this dirt project. He's helped me come up with some of the 3D models and the signage for that project. He's even done the research on the history of the property. And he'd be involved in the haunted hayride/house project.


19. You recently mentioned possibly taping more shows for TLC. What exactly does that mean? Were they interested in more LPBW shows or different ones with you guys altogether?

Matt's Answer:

About possibly doing more LPBW episodes. I actually have a conference call coming up in about 20 minutes with TLC. We haven't made any decisions yet, but we listen to the ideas being bounced around. Having said that, we will never go back to having cameras in our house 24/7 as we did before. It was just way too stressful on us. A project that has the cameras around on a very limited basis is way different than having them there all the time.


20. Matt who's you favorite poster?

Matt's Answer:

I wouldn't wanna pick. I wouldn't want to alienate anyone. That's not fair.


21. When do you take a break from doing all that you do to have time to yourself, and, with the family?

Matt's Answer:

Well, I try to take Sundays off. And Amy and I go out to dinner together when we can. We try to spend time with Jacob. Like going to the movies or the mall and helping him with his homework and we like Friday nights on the couch watching TV. We try to take time for the whole family and for ourselves.


22. Could you really leave your beautiful house and land that you've worked so hard on to move to Arizona?

Matt's Answer:

No. Absolutely not. What we may do is have an investment house down there and maybe during the really rainy months we could go spend some time down there. There's also some business opportunities that I'm entertaining down there. With an investment house I could also rent it out during the off season. The housing market down there is very depressed. So it may be a great time to take advantage of the market right now.

There are a few places that were set up for me to look at down there, and I was actually supposed to go there straight from here, but there are more pressing things at home, so I’ll do it later.



Matt's Answer:

Hehe, Amy's working on a cookbook and I'm sure it's almost done. She's working on proposals for publishers right now and has some really good contacts. I'm pretty sure that enchilada recipe will be a prime recipe in that book. So, hang on and wait for that. It’ll be worth it!


Here is a link to the interview on his website forum:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

About the "Free Stuff"

Statesmen Team with Sponsors at Roloff Farms luncheon and
Zach Roloff in Basketball Jersey w/ Impact Advertising Specialties on back
Thanks for all of the great subject suggestions. It was very interesting to read through and see what other people had on their mind about the Roloff’s and LPBW. Even though it will take me a while to cover your ideas so far, keep them coming because I get inspired from the different viewpoints.

The subject I decided to tackle first was about “Free Stuff”. Out of the many emails received there were a few that talked about this subject in some way or another. In one, it was suggested that the Roloff’s were rolling in the dough as “Highly Paid Reality TV Stars” and then asking companies for free this and free that. This perception bothered me for a multitude of reasons, mainly of course being that it’s simply not true. I thought it was a strong statement from someone who does not have a clear understanding of both sides of this coin. Have companies provided products and services in exchange for showing those products and services on Little People Big World? Yes. Was it free? Not necessarily.

I know because my company was a sponsor of the Statesmen team going to compete in Ireland at the World Dwarf Games. In addition to our sponsorship, we negotiated a trade out agreement. A ‘trade-out’, is a widely used business agreement in television, a formal agreement between the network and the company wanting to trade their products. Part of the terms I brought to our trade agreement was that our logo was on Zach’s jersey and that we would be the exclusive provider of all uniforms and customized products for the team and the event. We provided all of the initial team products at our expense, but other items were purchased from us. It was win win. They got a company who could navigate a complicated nine sponsor logo customization project and we got exposure on a hit television show. Another of the Statesmen sponsors was Viking Pools who I met during a luncheon at the farm. We talked about and admired the pool they provided in a previous season. The pool was the trade, but a big chunk of the prep work and all of the finished patio was not, for example. This worked out great for Viking because it was a multi-episode project and they really exploited their LPBW affiliation on their website and with social media, and still do. One of the biggest projects undertaken at the farm was the house remodel. It may surprise at least one of you to know that other than the Pella windows, driveway pavers, geo-thermal heat system and a few other branded products, the bulk of the massive remodel was all Roloff.

The parameters of a trade out agreement are set by the network, the production company and the talent. Discovery/TLC had the final approval for all trade outs on LPBW. Discovery/TLC had to consider their advertisers, and whether the company is a conflict, or is better suited to buy ad time. For the production company they consider how the storytelling will be impacted, specifically the shooting and editing logistics and if the ‘viewer value’ supersede any added costs to the production that may be incurred. For the Roloff’s, they had to determine if it fit who they were, because in the end, it becomes an endorsement and it should work organically into their story being told. And a biggy not to be ignored is the cost associated with the trade, because as I said, free is not necessarily free and actually many times their costs exceeded that of the trade.

In season one there was a learning experience when a producer had a miscommunication with some vendors at a local street market who had invested in sprucing up their booths and signage in hopes of being on television. Although it was not a formal trade out situation, Matt emphasized that it became very important to him and Amy not to leave any “dead bodies” in this process. It was important for them to make sure supporters and trading partners had a realistic expectation of their return. Especially with the smaller trades that could be gobbled up by the bigger story. There are hundreds of hours of video being filmed to produce one 30 minute show, after editing the storyline together, their product, service or location may only get a few seconds of air time in addition to their name in the end credits. Nevertheless there were many companies who wanted to be apart of LPBW, far too many to have ever had on the show especially without causing a editing room revolt. And I don’t say that lightly, I really mean it. The Statesmen sponsorship episodes probably put more than a few gray hairs on the heads of LPBW camera operators and editors in having to deal with so many different companies at one time. It was a unique situation that probably still gives them nightmares, but it was great fun for us!

One thing is clear when speaking to the Roloff’s on this subject, they are very appreciative to all the individuals and companies that provided goods and services during the production of LPBW. Matt expressed that they are sincerely grateful to each and every one of them.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Matt Roloff Speaking at Penn State

I mentioned earlier that Matt is going on a speaking tour starting next week . Here is an article about his upcoming engagement at Penn State.

In the article Matt talks a little about what he is up to, what he and Amy learned by doing "Little People Big World" and what the family thoughts are about returning to television.

Click on the link below or on the blog title.

Here is a link to another article about Matt speaking at Penn State

If you want to know more about Matt's Speaking go to

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Digging up a subject...

HELP!...HELP!...Good, I was hoping to get your attention. I have a few ideas as to what I think would be interesting to write about for this blog, but I am really curious to hear what subjects you would like to know more about. Many recent questions I’ve received are regarding the dirt project. I think Matt has covered that one on his facebook, but I will do a quick summary below. Other questions I’ve received are logistic and yes or no answer type of questions, nothing to write a story around. That is why I thought I would ask you.

I don’t want to spoil anyone’s ideas so I won’t share specifics on what I was thinking, but it is along the lines of ‘digging’ up some behind the scenes intrigue on specific LPBW episodes or ‘unearthing’ some hidden facts, like what is the real deal about...?

With that, I am inviting you to comment and/or email subjects you would like me to delve into and any specific questions you want me to ask about that subject. Ideas don’t just have to be centered around Matt either. Give me a good reason to poke around and get the scoop.

A little more about dirt:

In early March Intel corporation begun construction on a very large expansion of one of their Hillsboro plants. The expansion and Intel’s training and innovative education plan is what brought Presidient Obama out to Hillsboro. Here is where Matt comes in; On a large piece of property west of the Intel site (not his farm), he has constructed a dirt receiving operation where the excavated dirt from the Intel site is dumped and utilized to build up the property. Dirt can be cut throat, there is big money at stake and his is not the only drop site for the dirt, there are 2 or 3 others. Hundreds of trucks hauling dirt are all over Hillsboro (probably making some locals scratch their heads wondering). To say time is money is an understatement. It is all about timing at the dump site. It is a laborious dance of loaded trucks in and unloaded trucks out with back hoes, track hoes and loaders moving the dirt. This project would be a huge undertaking in dry summer weather, but the rain has been relentless making it much more of a challenge and has created a few dump pad and road maintenance issues that shut down the flow of trucks (and money). With all those guys working long hours, there’s been drama for sure, screaming and yelling and even a meltdown or two. It is kind of like Ax Men, but instead of logs it’s dirt. You could call it “Dirt Men” and at the end of the season, which is coming up soon, we will see which site took the most loads.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zach Roloff in LA

Wow, I finally ran into Zach when he had a free moment this afternoon! We talked about his resent quick trip down to LA. As you probably know, Zach is a member of the Statesmen basketball team who often play to benefit CODA, but the LA event was not for charity. It was an exhibition game against a team of reality show contestants and will be featured on the May 9th episode of “WWE Tuff Enough”. When the opportunity first came up, Zach was apprehensive about participating. “I didn’t want it to be like a circus.” Zach said “I told Marty that if it is something where we’re running around under their legs, then no way.” Zach was pleased to learn that was not the intention and said he was even more relieved on Friday when they played a good solid game with no antics or shenanigans. “They had a lot of cameras, and it seemed like they were able to get a lot of positive footage. It felt like it was being focused on ‘the appreciation of your opponent’, but sometimes positive doesn’t make for good television, so hopefully they don’t spin it around and have it go all weird on us.” Zach was telling me that at one point he had the ball and then another player grabbed it to take it away. “ I think he probably thought when he took it, that I would let go, but I didn’t” Zach said “He lifted me up to his eye level and I’m hoping he doesn't drop the ball.” I said to Zach “That could have turned out bad, you could have been hurt.” He said that he was thinking that too.

The Statesmen won the game that night, but to see the details you will need to tune in and watch for yourself.

After the game Zach spent a little time with his old friend Jennifer who he hadn’t seen in over two years. She and her friend Jack live in LA and wanted to take Zach out for dinner and on a tour of the city. Zach didn’t want to stay out too late so after a quick meal and a ride down Sunset Blvd, they dropped him back at Marty’s.

The next day everyone slept in and later Zach and Marty spent the morning relaxing and talking about how fun it was to see all the guys. They talked about the game and relived every one of the highlights before Zach headed to the airport to catch his flight home.

Zach told me there are future events and game opportunities for the Statesmen basketball team that are being considered and maybe even a soccer event too. So we will have to keep our eyes peeled for that.

Before I totally wrapped up with Zach I asked him a few questions that have been emailed to me:

One was about his Previa, what happened to it? He still has the Previa, and will probably keep it for old times sake. He doesn’t drive it though, he currently drives an Outback.

The other was about what his Mom said on her Coffee chat about him having a ‘special girl’ in his life. He said that when Amy said that, he was thinking “like, Mom, why did you say that?” He has many girls that he is friends with, but does admit to one being a bit more special. She lives a few miles away and they enjoying spending time together on weekends. He said that when he ‘officially’ has a “girlfriend” he will not keep it secret. He wants everyone to know that he will facebook it himself. Until then, it’s just rumor.

The last one was about college and career. Zach is currently going to Portland Community College and will eventually transfer to a 4 year college. He is studying towards a business degree, and continues to explore career avenues that will incorporate his passion for sports. He’s also still working at Indoor Goals.

Check it out starting at the 5 minute mark.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Had plans gone as expected Matt would have flown out today with thoughts of sking the white powder slopes of Telluride Mountain and sitting with friends around a roaring fire in the rustic lodge, but alas, those plans have been dashed. Even Matt’s negotiating skills could not sway his doctor from lifting the ‘no skiing in high altitude ban’ that he imposed. Guess the next few days will be spent on less leisurely pursuits. He should however, in my opinion, try to get in a massage or two, because he has been working his body to the bone this last week.

Matt wants to assure people that his health issues don’t appear to be too serious, but having the doctor ban him from his ski trip is still more than a little troubling. He is eager for the doctors to pinpoint the cause of his irregular EKG rhythm and has already gone through a battery of tests but is scheduled for another round of different tests, so we will see what results come from that.

Matt obviously has not shared with his doc the entire scope of his schedule. Otherwise he would likely be looking at even more stringent medical sanctions. In addition to speeding up production on the hotel stool kits and ordering more Roloff Gear for Molly to sell in the online store, he is going great guns on the farm expansion, not to mention a week long, multi-state speaking tour he is doing at the end of the month. Honestly it is a never ending stream of meetings, phone calls, job site visits, brainstorming sessions, more meetings, more phone calls... Late to bed and early to rise is not sustainable. And soon it will be time to plant the pumpkins! OMG Matt, it is not easy keeping up with you. See why you need that massage? You did take Jacob to see “I am Number 4” last weekend, right? Hope so because you really needed the down time.

Now that I got myself all worked up, I also want to mention that I have a bone to pick with Matt. And I think many other people would agree with me. “Matt, would you please focus at least a tiny bit more on TLC and those other production conversations. I know you, Amy and the kids are doing great without the show, and may not be as eager, but I love TV and want to see you back on the small screen. This dirt thing is good money, but come on already. Maybe it’s time to consider their proposals???...and I know it’s been more than one:)

Speaking of dirt...Good thing his doctor’s didn’t ban him from low altitude gravel and mud, did you see his latest video? Take a the term “Muckin Mud” No doubt I will use that one in the future.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Matt Roloff on Campus in North Portland

I mentioned in my last post that Matt had a local speaking engagement. So I thought I would tell you how that evening went. Other than a few times before, Matt’s speaking engagements have primarily been out of state, and mostly on the east coast, so up until now I never had an opportunity to hear him speak and I asked if I could come along. And by the way, I want to drive.

The plan was that I would pick Matt up first and we’d get one of Matt's Roloff Farm assistants on the way. It was dark and crazy wet outside, the rain was coming down in buckets, no joke. It was the kind of rain that windshield wipers have a hard time keeping up with. Matt's assistant had some printed directions and we headed off. We didn’t have a problem on the big wide highways, but when we got off in North Portland and were driving down the narrower, more congested side streets and the tail lights and head lights were glaring in the rain, the signs became harder to read we began to think we had gone too far. “Lets turn around and head back”, Matt said, “we must have passed it”.  But I really wasn’t so sure and I had a feeling that we might go around in circles all night so, even though I have gotten into trouble for ignoring ‘her’ in the past, I decided to pull out my British speaking GPS and see what ‘she’ had to say. After her brain loaded up and she got her satellite bearings, we discovered we hadn’t gone too far, actually we were just a few blocks away. Whew, now we just have to find the right building, that is next to the commons on this big sprawling campus that has lots of different buildings and lots of little parking lots, the GPS was absolutely no help with this at all.

When we got in the building, Matt waited in a side room we settled ourselves comfortably in the auditorium. The room was already in a buzz and students were flowing in. By the time the organizers gathered to the front of the auditorium, it was nearly full, and more students were coming in. The noise level was deafening and very exciting. Megan Brown stepped up to the microphone...almost time...the room became quiet as she introduced Matt and then it exploded to thundering applause as he rolled out on his scooter with a smile on his face, waving to the crowd.

Matt shared many stories from his childhood about growing up different and the struggles he experienced that have shaped him into who he is today. He and I have talked about diversity before so I was very familiar with his viewpoint and the message he focuses toward with his speeches, but to hear him speak of it in a live audience environment was very different then any previous conversation we have ever had. I was struck on how funny he was, how self deprecating and even a little edgy. He had the audiences roaring, and at just the right moments. His timing was incredible. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this guy has shtick, I wonder if he has ever considered a nightclub act? Does his agent know he has this talent?’  It was hilarious, and I was very impressed at how he wrapped a very important message into a plush ‘comedy night’ blanket of entertainment. I am certain that many of the students who heard Matt that evening will continue to retell his stories over and over and in turn share his message.

Let me just say that NOT listening to the GPS would have been the wiser decision for our trip home that night. Immediately ‘she’ suggested a whole different way back then how we came. ‘What? Go toward St. Johns??? No way! Turn that thing off. I’ve been meaning to hook her up to my computer and update her maps’...But then Matt said “If you get me to St. Johns I can get us home” and so it was decided, on to St. Johns we went. If Matt can get us home from there, and it may be a quicker route out of this pouring wet ridiculous rain, let's roll... Over the bridge and to the right, then take the left and up up up over the big winding mountain we go... Oh My...When Matt turned toward the back and asked his assistant if she was going to be alright, it suddenly dawned on me why she had commented on how nice and big my windows were in my van when she first got in that night. ‘Oh, please don’t get sick in my car’ I thought as I cautiously drove up the mountain, wondering what she had for dinner. When I later looked on the map to see the way we went, I said to myself ‘what a Curly, Mo and Larry moment that was’. But obviously everything turned out fine. It was fun actually and quite serene, because once we ascended out of the fog (chuckle chuckle) the snow we encountered was so very beautiful (bigger chuckle). No real worries, I’m a very good driver and I got everyone home safe and sound. But I did plug in my GPS and downloaded her updates the very next day. Finally!

NOTE: Matt wants to thank Bethany Sills, Megan Brown & Stephanie Rodriguez from University of Portland’s Multicultural Department for inviting him to speak during Diversity Dialog Week.

Below is a link to the article about Matt’s speech written by Amanda Blas from the University’s Newspaper, the Beacon.

For more about Matt Roloff Speaking:

Monday, February 28, 2011

Matt Roloff Unplugged

Thank goodness there are no dramatic trips to the hospital to report about this last weekend. Matt couldn’t wait to unplug  himself from the 48 hour monitor he was hooked up to. Actually Jacob was the lucky one who got to help ‘rip off’ the contacts. Hope Matt didn’t lose too many layers of skin on that deal—Ouch.

Many people have suggested to Matt to take it easy and relax and he is very grateful to everyone who has expressed their concern and shared their personal health stories. Matt told me that he is taking many of your suggestions to heart and wants you to know that he does take the time to relax and wind down in the evenings. Although I do think, especially when Matt is on the farm, he will always find work to be done, meetings to conduct, paperwork to go over and phone calls that need to be made. 

Currently, the dirt project takes quite a bit of his attention because it doesn’t keep business hours. But neither does the production planning he has going on or stool kit manufacturing, or apparently his political interests. Keep an eye out for some more on OR House Bill 2344. When he said he had 14 focus areas I am not sure, but I think he may have under counted. And speaking season has definitely begun. Personally, I don’t know if I would like traveling as much as Matt does (several days a month just with the speaking engagements). That is just too many hours on airplanes and too many days in hotel rooms for me. But he really enjoys moving around the country talking to people and sharing his stories. Tonight he is excited because he’s speaking for a local organization in downtown Portland. No travel time there, perfect.

Don’t be too disappointed that Matt didn’t spend his weekend lounging in front of the television. He did carve out some social time with Amy on Saturday night and on Sunday morning he had breakfast with his folks (Ron & Peggy Roloff) who just returned from an extended trip in Thailand where they were helping protect the lives of young village girls and prevent them from being swept into human traffiking.  I talked to Peggy this morning and she and Ron are happy to be home and running errands around town. They were at a follow up doctor’s appointment to check on Peg’s leg that she had some swelling trouble with while in Thailand. Their next mission was to find some compression socks in downtown Hillsboro. Hope your leg is back to normal soon Peg!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last Nights Emergency Room Adventure

I have to say that I was surprised this morning to see that Matt had shared Roloff World blog with his facebook friends. He didn't let me know he was going to do that, or even that I had a green light at all, but it works for me and I'm not complaining. I want to emphasize to readers that the stories I share are from my perspective based on conversations, observations and information I come across. Of course I do have to have some cooperation from the subject of these stories or this would not even be possible, but again, the perspectives and opinions are mine and to that I want to be abundantly clear.

So now what? Well he did say that he would tell you more about his visit to the emergency room last night...

Usually Matt see his glass half full, but sometimes even he can feel like his glass has a hole in the bottom. He gives the impression that he thrives when he has multiple balls in the air and projects galore to focus on, and for the most part this is true. Yet, even for him sometimes things become a bit too much. That’s the way it appeared yesterday at lunch anyway.

No one wants to be seen as vulnerable, and Matt is no exception. But I think the prospect of the stress and other heart tests that were scheduled yesterday was wearing heavy on his mind. “If I don’t survive, I want to be cremated” is what he said. Dramatic, you bet, after all this is Matt Roloff. But I could hear the thread of sincerity in his voice too. He was visibly tired and not feeling well and although he'd prefer to focus on his dirt deal, it was not happening. He had a 1pm meeting at the farm before he headed off to his tests that afternoon, I told him to at least try and relax before his tests.

When Matt got in his car to leave, a fan that was also in the restaurant followed us out and wanted to chat with him. I had begun to walk away as Matt got into his car when the man walked around to stand within his open door. He was excited to talk to Matt and seemed to have something specific he wanted to share. Knowing that Matt was truly not feeling well, I was wondering if I should try to step in, but no. Matt graciously talked with him for several minutes and the man left smiling ,not having any idea that he had encountered Matt on a very off day.

At 4pm Matt had been at the hospital for an hour and I was thinking that hopefully the most uncomfortable parts of his tests were behind him and tomorrow he will have the pep back in his step and he will be back up to his eyeballs in dirt. Well that was the idea anyway...

Later in the evening the doctor called Matt to let him know that there was something not right with his (my words, obviously I am not a medical professional) blood work on his lungs. He wanted to schedule Matt to come into radiology for a scan. When Matt told him that his chest was a little heavy and he had some burning sensation too, The doctor changed plans to sooner rather than later and with Jeremy at the wheel, back to the hospital he went. By midnight the scan was complete, showing nothing. I think this is a good thing, because he doesn't have a blood clot or something worse looming in there, but Matt remains frustrated by not having an answer to what is going on.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Matt has only dirt on his mind...

Well I guess it wasn't the best weekend to go rogue on this blog. I didn't think about how focused he would be on his dirt project. He worked dirt all weekend and spent the day working dirt today. He did briefly mention possibly doing a blog on FB last night, but so far, no time to talk more about it. He is beyond knee deep in dirt and that is all he is thinking about. I will keep trying to get a minute of his time and a speck of his focus.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here I first Roloff World post

For months now I have been trying to talk Matt Roloff into doing a blog. No positive response…he digs his heals in, hems and haws. He is sincerely resistant and I am not sure I can win him over on the idea. He tells me that he isn’t a blogging type of guy. But I disagree. He loves posting on his facebook and interacting with his fans, which, by the way, I talked him into doing too. Now look at him, going on 40,000 fans and having a great time. Let me say, I'm not asking him to slack on his facebook, FB really is the perfect way for him with his busy schedule to reach out and say hi to the people who follow him. I just think there is so much more that can be said on a blog, longer stories, more detail. To that he responded with a wide grin and said “but I like short stories” …Funny Matt, but we’ll see.

So this is what I did… Last August I put this blog together, no posts or anything, just the framework. I didn’t share it with Matt, I just sat on it, not knowing exactly when or even if I would reveal it. To be honest, I had to figure out if I wanted to invest the time and effort it would take and I wondered if I was really up to it. And like I said, Matt is not necessarily keen on blogs so I knew it may be uphill from the start.

My idea now is that I will share from my perspective about things I come across or observe. Matt and I don’t always agree so it may get interesting. I also think it would be fun to occasionally have Matt, Amy, one of the kids or a staffer guest blog with some inside scoop on what it is like to live and work in the eye of Roloff hurricane. Maybe a story or two from Camerino? Not sure if I could make that happen, he is a man of few words, but soooo funny. I also want to tackle some of those burning questions that I have and I know others do too. Like will Jeremy and Zach ever move out and what does Matt really think about it? Or how about the "Reality" debate?

Rocky is always a popular topic. Remember one of the last episodes of LPBW, poor Rocky, getting long in the tooth…No worries, he is doing alright for an old dog who will eat just about anything. That was (and sometimes still is) his problem, GAStrointestinal, heavy on the “GAS” if you know what I mean. Whewwww, Rocky! Go outside to do that, Ugh. Rocky makes himself very popular during pumpkin season. He wanders around and loves up on all the guests. I don’t think it is any surprise that his favorite place to hang out is the food court. Last year, I thought he would eat himself into a coma. Rocky, you are a big relentless mooch. He makes it so hard for people not to feed him. He is so cute with his big droopy eyes and that slobbery smile. When Rocky stands there, looks at you and nudges you with his big square head, you’re a goner. I’d say next year strap a sign around his neck, “Don’t Feed Rocky” but, really, I don’t think it would work. He’s a master.

Okay so that leads us to now. Here I am, still sitting on this thing. My conversation with Matt has been one step forward, two steps back, but in spite of that, between the lines, I think I am making progress. I can see that he is somewhat onboard, but is still very concerned that it will take to much of his time and he isn’t sure what he would talk about consistently because a lot of what he is up to can’t be talked about in detail, at least not until the ink is dry on the deal. Blah, Blah Blah...I don’t know, he could be right, but I think we have to see how it develops and I think I can keep things fresh coming from my perspective. So this is me going a little rogue. I’m taking a bit of a chance by dragging Matt kicking and screaming into the blogosphere.  My plan is to post this and see if I can get a green light. If I don’t, it will most likely go unseen, if I do, then he can share Roloff World blog with his FB fans and we are off and running. Wish me luck.