Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here I first Roloff World post

For months now I have been trying to talk Matt Roloff into doing a blog. No positive response…he digs his heals in, hems and haws. He is sincerely resistant and I am not sure I can win him over on the idea. He tells me that he isn’t a blogging type of guy. But I disagree. He loves posting on his facebook and interacting with his fans, which, by the way, I talked him into doing too. Now look at him, going on 40,000 fans and having a great time. Let me say, I'm not asking him to slack on his facebook, FB really is the perfect way for him with his busy schedule to reach out and say hi to the people who follow him. I just think there is so much more that can be said on a blog, longer stories, more detail. To that he responded with a wide grin and said “but I like short stories” …Funny Matt, but we’ll see.

So this is what I did… Last August I put this blog together, no posts or anything, just the framework. I didn’t share it with Matt, I just sat on it, not knowing exactly when or even if I would reveal it. To be honest, I had to figure out if I wanted to invest the time and effort it would take and I wondered if I was really up to it. And like I said, Matt is not necessarily keen on blogs so I knew it may be uphill from the start.

My idea now is that I will share from my perspective about things I come across or observe. Matt and I don’t always agree so it may get interesting. I also think it would be fun to occasionally have Matt, Amy, one of the kids or a staffer guest blog with some inside scoop on what it is like to live and work in the eye of Roloff hurricane. Maybe a story or two from Camerino? Not sure if I could make that happen, he is a man of few words, but soooo funny. I also want to tackle some of those burning questions that I have and I know others do too. Like will Jeremy and Zach ever move out and what does Matt really think about it? Or how about the "Reality" debate?

Rocky is always a popular topic. Remember one of the last episodes of LPBW, poor Rocky, getting long in the tooth…No worries, he is doing alright for an old dog who will eat just about anything. That was (and sometimes still is) his problem, GAStrointestinal, heavy on the “GAS” if you know what I mean. Whewwww, Rocky! Go outside to do that, Ugh. Rocky makes himself very popular during pumpkin season. He wanders around and loves up on all the guests. I don’t think it is any surprise that his favorite place to hang out is the food court. Last year, I thought he would eat himself into a coma. Rocky, you are a big relentless mooch. He makes it so hard for people not to feed him. He is so cute with his big droopy eyes and that slobbery smile. When Rocky stands there, looks at you and nudges you with his big square head, you’re a goner. I’d say next year strap a sign around his neck, “Don’t Feed Rocky” but, really, I don’t think it would work. He’s a master.

Okay so that leads us to now. Here I am, still sitting on this thing. My conversation with Matt has been one step forward, two steps back, but in spite of that, between the lines, I think I am making progress. I can see that he is somewhat onboard, but is still very concerned that it will take to much of his time and he isn’t sure what he would talk about consistently because a lot of what he is up to can’t be talked about in detail, at least not until the ink is dry on the deal. Blah, Blah Blah...I don’t know, he could be right, but I think we have to see how it develops and I think I can keep things fresh coming from my perspective. So this is me going a little rogue. I’m taking a bit of a chance by dragging Matt kicking and screaming into the blogosphere.  My plan is to post this and see if I can get a green light. If I don’t, it will most likely go unseen, if I do, then he can share Roloff World blog with his FB fans and we are off and running. Wish me luck.


  1. Hi!
    Congratulations on starting up a blog for the Roloff family. What a great family!
    Your 1st blog about Rocky gave me a giggle. I have a Labrador and a Begal who have similar "musical" tones as Rocky... never pleasant.
    I look forward to reading future blogs.
    Good luck all the way from Australia,
    Michelle :-)

  2. I think a blog is a wonderful idea to fill in the gaps that seem to be there with Matt's facebooking. I would like a more consistent connection with what's going on with the Roloffs. I'm really missing the show. And Rocky is a wonderful dog, thanks for the update. I have a bullmastiff and volunteer with bullmastiff rescue. They are a fantastic breed, and Rocky is a great ambassador for them!

    Thanks for the blog! Thumbs up from Maine.
    R. Moulton

  3. Would you be willing to share a little about yourself, why you started this blog and how you know Matt? You can remain anonymous if you prefer. My curiosity has the best of my at the moment.
    I'm a fan and acquaintance of both Matt & Amy.

  4. Blogs are so much fun and others can see your projects and keep up to date with happening of your world. Keep up the good work and have fun, we do so enjoy reading things about the famous Roloff family including Rocky.


  5. If you don't mind me asking, who is writing this blog?

  6. Who exactly is the author..great stories! ap from Michigan

  7. Maybe I missed it but who is the author of this blog?

  8. I must first state that I am a recent Roloff "fan". My family and I don't have cable, but we have Netflix. Thanks to Netflix, I watched the first few seasons of LPBW in a small amount of time. Now, I'm anxiously waiting for them to add the rest... ;) Anyway, I was happy to find Matt on FB and now to find this blog! I'm even more thrilled to find it at it's beginnings. Keep it up!

  9. Great blog and it keeps us abreast of "whats going on in the Roloff world".....busy busy busy as usual!!!

  10. I love the blog, thanks! I really miss seeing what's happening on the farm on a weekly basis, too.


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