Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last Nights Emergency Room Adventure

I have to say that I was surprised this morning to see that Matt had shared Roloff World blog with his facebook friends. He didn't let me know he was going to do that, or even that I had a green light at all, but it works for me and I'm not complaining. I want to emphasize to readers that the stories I share are from my perspective based on conversations, observations and information I come across. Of course I do have to have some cooperation from the subject of these stories or this would not even be possible, but again, the perspectives and opinions are mine and to that I want to be abundantly clear.

So now what? Well he did say that he would tell you more about his visit to the emergency room last night...

Usually Matt see his glass half full, but sometimes even he can feel like his glass has a hole in the bottom. He gives the impression that he thrives when he has multiple balls in the air and projects galore to focus on, and for the most part this is true. Yet, even for him sometimes things become a bit too much. That’s the way it appeared yesterday at lunch anyway.

No one wants to be seen as vulnerable, and Matt is no exception. But I think the prospect of the stress and other heart tests that were scheduled yesterday was wearing heavy on his mind. “If I don’t survive, I want to be cremated” is what he said. Dramatic, you bet, after all this is Matt Roloff. But I could hear the thread of sincerity in his voice too. He was visibly tired and not feeling well and although he'd prefer to focus on his dirt deal, it was not happening. He had a 1pm meeting at the farm before he headed off to his tests that afternoon, I told him to at least try and relax before his tests.

When Matt got in his car to leave, a fan that was also in the restaurant followed us out and wanted to chat with him. I had begun to walk away as Matt got into his car when the man walked around to stand within his open door. He was excited to talk to Matt and seemed to have something specific he wanted to share. Knowing that Matt was truly not feeling well, I was wondering if I should try to step in, but no. Matt graciously talked with him for several minutes and the man left smiling ,not having any idea that he had encountered Matt on a very off day.

At 4pm Matt had been at the hospital for an hour and I was thinking that hopefully the most uncomfortable parts of his tests were behind him and tomorrow he will have the pep back in his step and he will be back up to his eyeballs in dirt. Well that was the idea anyway...

Later in the evening the doctor called Matt to let him know that there was something not right with his (my words, obviously I am not a medical professional) blood work on his lungs. He wanted to schedule Matt to come into radiology for a scan. When Matt told him that his chest was a little heavy and he had some burning sensation too, The doctor changed plans to sooner rather than later and with Jeremy at the wheel, back to the hospital he went. By midnight the scan was complete, showing nothing. I think this is a good thing, because he doesn't have a blood clot or something worse looming in there, but Matt remains frustrated by not having an answer to what is going on.


  1. This is nice for us fans. Well appreciated! I like getting updates through FB too.

  2. Hope he finds some answers soon, very soon. Thanks for the blog updates.

  3. GOOD LUCK mATT I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON. May Gods blessings be with you and your family.

  4. Take care of yourself, and God Bless ya!! Be sure to keep bugging the doctors to find out whats wrong. Good luck.

  5. Be sure they do a CBC as part of your blood work. My Dad was anemic and it went on forever before it was found.

  6. We appreciate you giving us more of you and your families up and close personal lives you probably don't realize but you and your family have become part of our families and each and everyone of the Roloff's and friends are dear to our hearts even way out west in the desert so we wish nothing but Gods Blessings on all of you and pray for healing for you Matt well Mr Roloff In His Name Mrs Litteral

  7. Let's hope Matt gets well soon. I wonder if the little man will ever slow down?, I doubt it lol.

    Thoughts and prays are with him and his family.
    Rest up Matt! :-)

  8. Matt, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your wonderful family. Say hay to Amy from a fellow Michigander.

  9. Matt, lots of sleep and good healthy food probably won't cure anything, but it won't hurt anything, either, so try and get a lot of it.

  10. Dear Matt,
    We all know how hard you work on your projects around the farm however right now I think you need to sit back and think of yourself as a project and work on it very hard and realize you need to rest and relax. We need more guys around like you and so if anything take a mental break from everything and stick around.

  11. Matt I was a coalminer for a number of years and it produced a lung problem that I live with and it wears on a person. But that being said I have good days and bad.I know that it is very stressful. But knowing you and your faith in God you will overcome this. Stand strong brother it does get better.

  12. Good afternoon!
    I'm sorry to contact you in this hard moments which you are passing through but I have been trying for so long to do this, that I just can't wait any other day.I hope Mr Roloff is fine and his blood tests, or any other tests that he has been doing, are in normal limits.
    First, your show "Little people big world" is on air on our TLC channel for about 2 years and I have been watching intensively because I live in Romania, I have an endocrine disease simillar with yours and I cope quite well with it only for a few years. It's really hard because we don't have many possibilities here. I study medicine university, I'm in the fifth grade and, in future, I want to emmigrate to UK in order to specialize in cardiology or paediatrics.
    My aim for writing to you is that I am really willing to find an opportunity to talk to you, to share ideas and maybe to make a better world for those with our common problems, here in Romania.
    Yours sincerely,
    Andra Balanescu

  13. Wishing You and Amy the VERY VERY Best. Praying that they don't find anything & if they do Fix it quick so you can go back to the "Job" of Living life "Matt Roloff's" way

    p.s. really miss lpbw.... judy miller


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