Monday, February 28, 2011

Matt Roloff Unplugged

Thank goodness there are no dramatic trips to the hospital to report about this last weekend. Matt couldn’t wait to unplug  himself from the 48 hour monitor he was hooked up to. Actually Jacob was the lucky one who got to help ‘rip off’ the contacts. Hope Matt didn’t lose too many layers of skin on that deal—Ouch.

Many people have suggested to Matt to take it easy and relax and he is very grateful to everyone who has expressed their concern and shared their personal health stories. Matt told me that he is taking many of your suggestions to heart and wants you to know that he does take the time to relax and wind down in the evenings. Although I do think, especially when Matt is on the farm, he will always find work to be done, meetings to conduct, paperwork to go over and phone calls that need to be made. 

Currently, the dirt project takes quite a bit of his attention because it doesn’t keep business hours. But neither does the production planning he has going on or stool kit manufacturing, or apparently his political interests. Keep an eye out for some more on OR House Bill 2344. When he said he had 14 focus areas I am not sure, but I think he may have under counted. And speaking season has definitely begun. Personally, I don’t know if I would like traveling as much as Matt does (several days a month just with the speaking engagements). That is just too many hours on airplanes and too many days in hotel rooms for me. But he really enjoys moving around the country talking to people and sharing his stories. Tonight he is excited because he’s speaking for a local organization in downtown Portland. No travel time there, perfect.

Don’t be too disappointed that Matt didn’t spend his weekend lounging in front of the television. He did carve out some social time with Amy on Saturday night and on Sunday morning he had breakfast with his folks (Ron & Peggy Roloff) who just returned from an extended trip in Thailand where they were helping protect the lives of young village girls and prevent them from being swept into human traffiking.  I talked to Peggy this morning and she and Ron are happy to be home and running errands around town. They were at a follow up doctor’s appointment to check on Peg’s leg that she had some swelling trouble with while in Thailand. Their next mission was to find some compression socks in downtown Hillsboro. Hope your leg is back to normal soon Peg!


  1. Matt for President. We wish Matts mom quick healing could be her circulation from all that traveling and the elevation in Thailand those support socks will help for sure. Thanks for updating us and again sharing your lives with us. In His Name Mrs Litteral

  2. Whoever is doing this blogging updates is doing a great job. I love it. I am hoping that both Matt and Peg will recover and be just fine. Keep up the great work here I shall return to stay up to date on what's happening in the roloffworld!!

  3. I agree Carol. Thanks for these updates, keep em coming.

  4. The best to you Matt....keep track of any other problems you might think are going on with your lungs.....hopefully the doctor will have you back for a followup if need be..... :o)

  5. Thanks for the updates!!! I know this is off topic, but I wanted to know what happened to Zach's Previa? Did he keep it after all or did he sell it?


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