Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Had plans gone as expected Matt would have flown out today with thoughts of sking the white powder slopes of Telluride Mountain and sitting with friends around a roaring fire in the rustic lodge, but alas, those plans have been dashed. Even Matt’s negotiating skills could not sway his doctor from lifting the ‘no skiing in high altitude ban’ that he imposed. Guess the next few days will be spent on less leisurely pursuits. He should however, in my opinion, try to get in a massage or two, because he has been working his body to the bone this last week.

Matt wants to assure people that his health issues don’t appear to be too serious, but having the doctor ban him from his ski trip is still more than a little troubling. He is eager for the doctors to pinpoint the cause of his irregular EKG rhythm and has already gone through a battery of tests but is scheduled for another round of different tests, so we will see what results come from that.

Matt obviously has not shared with his doc the entire scope of his schedule. Otherwise he would likely be looking at even more stringent medical sanctions. In addition to speeding up production on the hotel stool kits and ordering more Roloff Gear for Molly to sell in the online store, he is going great guns on the farm expansion, not to mention a week long, multi-state speaking tour he is doing at the end of the month. Honestly it is a never ending stream of meetings, phone calls, job site visits, brainstorming sessions, more meetings, more phone calls... Late to bed and early to rise is not sustainable. And soon it will be time to plant the pumpkins! OMG Matt, it is not easy keeping up with you. See why you need that massage? You did take Jacob to see “I am Number 4” last weekend, right? Hope so because you really needed the down time.

Now that I got myself all worked up, I also want to mention that I have a bone to pick with Matt. And I think many other people would agree with me. “Matt, would you please focus at least a tiny bit more on TLC and those other production conversations. I know you, Amy and the kids are doing great without the show, and may not be as eager, but I love TV and want to see you back on the small screen. This dirt thing is good money, but come on already. Maybe it’s time to consider their proposals???...and I know it’s been more than one:)

Speaking of dirt...Good thing his doctor’s didn’t ban him from low altitude gravel and mud, did you see his latest video? Take a the term “Muckin Mud” No doubt I will use that one in the future.


  1. I agree with you, Matt, you need to rest more, please enjoy your family more, more r and r. I was also reading the part about TLC, is it possible they might do another series? Miss them a lot.

  2. Matt, I don't think you will ever slow down. These projects are what keeps you going, I don't think you would be happy just sitting and chillin all the time. Any average height person would be jealous over you because they could never keep up with you! (Just try and get a little r&r inbetween. )We want you around for a long time.

  3. I hope you find the perfect balance of rest and productivity, Matt, and I really hope you and your family come back to TV. I miss your show!


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