Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zach Roloff in LA

Wow, I finally ran into Zach when he had a free moment this afternoon! We talked about his resent quick trip down to LA. As you probably know, Zach is a member of the Statesmen basketball team who often play to benefit CODA, but the LA event was not for charity. It was an exhibition game against a team of reality show contestants and will be featured on the May 9th episode of “WWE Tuff Enough”. When the opportunity first came up, Zach was apprehensive about participating. “I didn’t want it to be like a circus.” Zach said “I told Marty that if it is something where we’re running around under their legs, then no way.” Zach was pleased to learn that was not the intention and said he was even more relieved on Friday when they played a good solid game with no antics or shenanigans. “They had a lot of cameras, and it seemed like they were able to get a lot of positive footage. It felt like it was being focused on ‘the appreciation of your opponent’, but sometimes positive doesn’t make for good television, so hopefully they don’t spin it around and have it go all weird on us.” Zach was telling me that at one point he had the ball and then another player grabbed it to take it away. “ I think he probably thought when he took it, that I would let go, but I didn’t” Zach said “He lifted me up to his eye level and I’m hoping he doesn't drop the ball.” I said to Zach “That could have turned out bad, you could have been hurt.” He said that he was thinking that too.

The Statesmen won the game that night, but to see the details you will need to tune in and watch for yourself.

After the game Zach spent a little time with his old friend Jennifer who he hadn’t seen in over two years. She and her friend Jack live in LA and wanted to take Zach out for dinner and on a tour of the city. Zach didn’t want to stay out too late so after a quick meal and a ride down Sunset Blvd, they dropped him back at Marty’s.

The next day everyone slept in and later Zach and Marty spent the morning relaxing and talking about how fun it was to see all the guys. They talked about the game and relived every one of the highlights before Zach headed to the airport to catch his flight home.

Zach told me there are future events and game opportunities for the Statesmen basketball team that are being considered and maybe even a soccer event too. So we will have to keep our eyes peeled for that.

Before I totally wrapped up with Zach I asked him a few questions that have been emailed to me:

One was about his Previa, what happened to it? He still has the Previa, and will probably keep it for old times sake. He doesn’t drive it though, he currently drives an Outback.

The other was about what his Mom said on her Coffee chat about him having a ‘special girl’ in his life. He said that when Amy said that, he was thinking “like, Mom, why did you say that?” He has many girls that he is friends with, but does admit to one being a bit more special. She lives a few miles away and they enjoying spending time together on weekends. He said that when he ‘officially’ has a “girlfriend” he will not keep it secret. He wants everyone to know that he will facebook it himself. Until then, it’s just rumor.

The last one was about college and career. Zach is currently going to Portland Community College and will eventually transfer to a 4 year college. He is studying towards a business degree, and continues to explore career avenues that will incorporate his passion for sports. He’s also still working at Indoor Goals.

Check it out starting at the 5 minute mark.


  1. I didn't know Zach had a Facebook page! What is the address?

  2. Zach's facebook page is his personal page and is private. And so far, Zach has not created a fan page.

  3. Zach, it's nice to hear what you are up to. I'm not a wrestling fan but will watch that episode to see you and the rest of Statesmen.

  4. Your Virginia fans are going watch too Zach. My husband Gordon and I are big fans of your family. We hope it turns out positive for you.

  5. Hey Zach, My brother is a sports guy too. He works account development for a sports equipment supplier in Salem. He really likes his job, and he gets to travel a lot doing it. You might think of something like that.

  6. Zach- Tell Marty that we are sad that The Cape ended.

  7. So happy to hear news of you, Zach, sounds like you are doing well. Good luck with your future plans. Enjoy life, Zach.

  8. Wrestling is acted and rehearsed and fake. Was the game you played scripted? I find it hard to believe it wasn't predetermined.

  9. Believe it or not Tom, that is up to you. There were two directions that game could take and the producers were prepared for either. Zach said they played full on both halves and the outcome was Statesmen victory.

  10. My older brother is a little person actually a year younger than Zach and he actually has a lot in common with Zach a total soccer fan! We used to watch the show together every now and then and mom adores it because no one else in our family history is a small person just him so she loves to see how you handle things with him!

    May I add i think Zach is the funniest person thats ever walked this earth and i simply adore him! To bad he has a lady friend;)

  11. Why is it I very seldom hear anything from the Roloff's? I have signed up several times but only hear something every once in a blue moon. Is there another place that I should go too?
    I am glad they are are closer again as a family again. Especially Matt and Amy.I remember a show and Amy said that once the kids are gone she did not know if Matt and her would stay together. It would be nice to have even one show a year for all of us fans. We have been loyal to you all and it would be nice if we got to see you. I am sure you were paid to do the show and that is how you have made so many changes on the farm. Please consider just one show a year. You all could just sit down in your home and tell us about each one of you. I have always been a big fan. I do book reviews and would stop reading just to watch your shows.
    Sandy Heptinstall


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