Monday, June 13, 2011

I told you so Matt Roloff!

Last year when I suggested to Matt that he needed to jump onto facebook and we should create him a fan page, he grumbled at the idea. He said that he didn’t want to start something that he wasn’t sure he could devote the necessary time to and he wasn’t sure if the fans would even be interested since the show was ending. I disagreed. He likes talking about what he is up to and chatting it up with his fans so I never thought he would run out of topics or enthusiasm. And from the activity on the LPBW fan page, it was clear that the interest on the fan side wasn’t waining. Now a year later I am so glad I was right. Yesterday I took a screen shot of his fan page’s activity over the last 13 months and shared it with him. I gotta say, I did enjoy rubbing it in his face a bit and saying I told you so. He has fantastic fans who continue to want to know what is going on with him and his family. They checked out his posts over 38 million times and commented almost a quarter of a million times. I think that is pretty good news that should be celebrated and shared.


  1. "Little People" BIG LOVE! you guys are the best!

  2. Thanks guardianangel... and thx Dallah.. You got me this time.

  3. Matt is NEVER boring...I enjoy his updates and BIG ideas. Thanks for giving Matt the nudge for us fans!


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