Friday, July 22, 2011

TMZ catches up with Matt Roloff in LA

Is Matt involved in a cover up? Is he a member of a secret society of Little People? Those are a couple of the questions asked of him by TMZ during his recent trip down to LA earlier this week. Matt was between meetings when the roaming pack of paparazzi approached him.

click here to see the video clip:

No worries, Matt is wise to the TMZ game and was not about to give up any secrets!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Cat is 'Officially' Out of the Bag with TLC's Announcement

"The network has ordered the Roloffs back to TV"
declares the Hollywood Reporter.

They go on to say: "If after last year’s Little People, Big World series finale, you were concerned about the state of Matt and Amy Roloff’s marriage, or if they decided to sell the farm, and how the older boys, Jeremy and Zach Roloff, are doing as adults, TLC has a solution for your curiosity.

TLC has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that it has ordered four new specials with the Roloffs. Production has already begun with the first one currently scheduled to air in early October. The first special will address some of the cliffhangers in the series finale"

Whew, now that the announcement has officially been made I can talk a little bit about it. Matt ,Amy and the family are very excited about the specials. If you have read my other posts about this you will know that TLC and the Roloff’s have been in discussions since before they ended the series last year. Their return to LPBW was always in the plans, it was just how they would return that needed some working out. Matt and Amy are very appreciative of TLC’s generosity in helping them maintain some space that strikes a perfect balance with the family and the limited number of planned updates. Because of the non-disclosure there will be things that I’m just not able to speak about, but my plan is to keep some goodies and tid bits away ‘in the vault’ and publish them when appropriate.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Matt Called...

I talked to Matt earlier today. Like many of you, I have been keeping up with what he and his family are up to on their vacation through his RealMattRoloff fanpage and he hadn’t posted in a while, so what’s up with that Matt Roloff? Answer: Busy, very very busy.

There isn’t one minute of the day when nothing is happening. Most of the activities are centered around family and sports. Zach has been going from one competition to another and doing phenomenal. He won several gold metals in soccer, volleyball and football. Tomorrow he will be competing in basketball. Matt said he fb too soon about the basketball and got his date wrong so he will keep us posted on the outcome when he knows it. Good luck Zach!

Matt told me that going to the LPA conference feels like going to a big family reunion. Some of the people he has known for over 40 years. It’s the same for the kids. Who wouldn’t have a blast hanging out, connecting with old friends and making new ones? Matt said this trip has been especially fun so far. Not that he was complaining before, but so many of the past conferences were entangled with production and filming commitments for episodes of Little People Big World. Matt said it was nice that he, Amy and the kids had this conference just to themselves, but...

Thursday they will hop back into the RV and will say goodbye until next year. Because they are off to other adventures. Stay tuned...