Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Matt Roloff Takes Time to Chat

Matt has recently done a handful of interviews for various blogs and online news websites talking about the Roloff’s return to television. Marijo Tinlin, the editor of reached out to Matt for a quick chat about “The Reality of Reality TV” She starts her article talking about the tragic suicide of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” husband Russell Armstrong. I am a big fan of the Real Housewives franchise and was saddened when I heard about what happened. I watched every episode last season and could see there was stress going on, but I also know that what you see in an hour episode of reality television is such a tiny look into those peoples lives as a whole, that speculation is very often way off base.

Marijo goes on to say that life under the reality show microscope can take a huge toll on a family. I agree whole heartedly. Celebrity in any form or at any level can be pricey. It is great to have people rooting for you and wanting you to succeed, who wouldn’t enjoy that kind of support? But the flip side of the coin that’s hard for reasonable people to wrap their brains around are people who perversely seek and take great pleasure in the prospect of your failure. I personally do not subscribe to that way of being in the world and don’t have respect to those people who do.

Matt talks about how he and Amy recognized the strain on their family and their marriage and the decision to step back and restructure the LPBW commitment so the family could regroup. He expresses how grateful the family is for all of the rewards that the show and their fans have given them. And enlightened us a little on the aspects of television production that people may not think of, like the legal and logistic necessaries of production that affected normal activities the family once took for granted and how sometimes they lost the day to day, face to face communication between one other. I would imagine that finding their new direction after so many years of nearly year round filming is still an ongoing journey. One that we’re certain to get a glimpse of in the new specials this Fall.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Matt Roloff Gets a Little Extreme!

Many of you already know that Matt is on another trip this week and I don't want to spill too many beans, but thought I would pass on a morsel of information. Matt had an incredible day working with Ty Pennington and the EMHE design team. When he gets back he'll share some photos and behind the scenes stories!

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