Monday, October 3, 2011

Evening Magazine Interviews Matt Roloff, One of their 25 Most Memorable People

Five years before Little People Big World became a fan favorite every Monday night, Evening Magazine, from NBC affiliate King 5 in Seattle, did a story on Matt Roloff when he was promoting his book "Against Tall Odds" Matt credits that interview as one of the catalysts that led his family to TLC and reality television stardom.

Saint Bryan, an award winning reporter at Evening Magazine visited Matt and Amy at the farm recently as part of EM's 25th anniversary on the air and the story about the 25 most memorable people they have featured on their show.

See below for the interview and wonderful walk down memory lane...

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  1. Hey! I used to watch that show! To be completely honest, I never really like Matt. His character and personality was always quite repulsive to me. His wife was cool though, and an angel to put up with his BS. Anyway, memory lane...


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