Friday, October 5, 2012

The Roloff's New Wedding Farm Series on TLC

Today begins Pumpkin Season 2012 at Roloff Farms. Many changes on the farm from last year and now fans of the Roloff's will be able to keep a closer eye on all the fun and wacky happenings. Check out the exciting news...


  1. Amy,
    My Husband and i are currently planning our wedding for next spring/summer. We live in Portland, OR and were at your farm yesterday for the pumpkin patch. we were wondering when you will be booking weddings, because we loved the venue when we saw it on the wagon tour.

  2. What a beautiful picture of you two!

  3. Love the Roloff family! So glad they are back on TLC!!

  4. I seen an episode where you did. was th he most beautiful weddings I have.ever seen.great job Roloffs.

  5. For a minute I couldn't place the couple


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